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There are four stages in this program ranging from the Word Puzzles, Spelling Bee, Quiz, Speech

Writing and Poetry Presentation. However, since the Family is the Basic Unit of every Society, we have

also developed a compulsory workshop for the Parents & Teachers of these Young Stars with the following Capacity Building topics on:

  1. Parenting and Academic Excellence/Self-Discovery
  2. Parenting and Body Integrity (Sex Education)
  3. Parenting and Emotional/Financial Intelligence

Since influencing these children is simply ‘Development’, but influencing their primary influences

(Their Parents & Teachers) is ‘Sustainable Development’. Charity is said to begin at home.


In addition to these, we will be recognizing some Personalities and Organizations that have promoted the cause of Education in Nigeria with Integrity over the years and the best students of WASCE, JAMB, NECO, for 2023 National Edition.

Reward for Excellence and Scholarship Competition is a project with the vision of Raising Global

Stars with Excellence, Competence and Character through a Competitive, Educative and Training Conference  for Children between the ages of 5-10yrs (Junior Category) and 11-17yrs (Senior Category), their Parents & Teachers.

Our story always finds its way back to the chief vision bearer of RES Mr. Miracle K. Meribe

After struggling with Dyslexia for 12 long years and barely surviving through sheer providence, he gained a new perspective on the shortcomings of the general school system. He noticed that many students were leaving school with severely limited academic capacities and a stifled creativity, and worse still, they were being unfairly blamed for this.

Determined to make a positive impact and turn the tide, he took action by creating the Reward for Excellence and Scholarship Competition. This competition is designed to identify and cultivate individuals who have the potential for global excellence, competence, and character, despite any perceived learning challenges. It aims to provide capacity development training and competitive platforms that can help participants to unlock their full potential and achieve remarkable transformation, both personally and for society as a whole. Through this initiative, he hopes to make a lasting impact and improve the overall quality of education and learning outcomes for future generations.


To be the bedrock of excellence, competence and character


We aim to nurture exceptional individuals with global standards of excellence, competence, and character through capacity development training and competitive platforms, leading to personal actualization and societal transformation.


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