Reward for Excellence and Scholarship Competition

Excellence Through God

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Reward for Excellence and Scholarship Competition

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Did You Know There are Ordinary, Average young minds Quietly
Taking Small actions and literally turning Themselves into
Potential geniuses and giving themselves life altering exposure that most others may never get ….even in a lifetime?

Well, true to the claims, that’s what RES is all about

Reward for Excellence and Scholarship (RES) Competition is a project by SMART Careers Agency that seeks to Unleash the biggest potentials of young minds and give them access to an academic experience that many can only dream to have

It is a competitive testing program packaged per group to stimulate, edutain and reward young minds, giving them the drive to always strive for a life of excellence that is devoid of any form of mediocrity in their learning journey. Going through RES could easily open up an new world of wit and genius in anyone enough to make them the most interesting person in the room!

Our results speak for us..


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Chemical Engineer, Corrosion expert, peak-performance expert management consultant, author of one of the best selling books (The 5 Star Student) & Speaker, Member of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Senior partner & CEO, Sylvamaks Consulting Ltd.


is an educator, author, a parent coach who focuses on helping parents give Bible-based sex education to their children.She’s a certified Child Protection Personnel and due to her work with parents over the years now gives personalised sex education plans for...


Dr. Benny Uzo Ike-OBIOHA, a fellow of Institute of Research and Scientific Management, a Director of the London Journal of Education. A Qualified and Incensed Teacher. An Ardent Family and Child Training Expert. She has gone places both in the church and in Circular ...

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